Edwina HughesBusiness coach for growth and development.

Professional business coach and trainer. Electic corporate career taking in finance, business development and marketing. Part of the start-up team for Discovery Channel Europe. Passionate about people and business development going hand in hand.

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The short answer is yes! And the key to success is to add value - give the customer something extra that makes you distinctive. For example, when my car is due for its MOT, the garage picks her up and brings her back cleaned inside and out for no extra cost.
The fact that companies are already servicing the market is encouraging. However, don't stint on your research - is it a mature market about to decline or a robust one able to sustain more supply? Is it an embryonic market, ripe for new entrants? It's quite possibly somewhere in the middle. Whatever, talk to customers (potential or those of existing suppliers) and find out what their needs are and especially the ones that are not being met.

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