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An entrepreneur Yogi from humble roots of farming to working with fortune 500 company ( Disney Byjus )
Learning the scriptures from my monk Brother to bring out the elixir to modern times which is the need of the hour for Business stratergies / Personal development / Relationships.

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To be frank when o read this all I remembered was my childhood hair saloon place. And the reason I remember them is not for the hair cut but the barber would give children visiting his saloon a chocolate / lolipop.
And guess what even after all those years went by and we all grew up we still remember.
And he was famous back then for being nice with children and make them laugh.
A small way to make a difference but a long term relationship building.
And to make it a talk of the town of services among adults I have an idea which will garner all the attention.
What's common among celebrity hairdressers in the industry ?
I would like to offer customised solutions that would spread the word once I get to know the specifics.
Thank you

That's a interesting question.
Firstly I'm not here to talk on how digital marketing will bring in the traffic.You will find them all over the internet.
The below are few pointers to make your website a unique one from tons out there.
1)The word yoga means Union. A sense of acceptance to who we are and our role play.
Today sadly yoga has just been reduced to body bending postures and their pictures posted on social media.
2) I'm assuming your website is based on yoga products for sale.
One word answer to this would be "Uniqueness and authentic"
Assuming it's a yoga products website bringing the attention of people based on authentic scriptural content In Sanskrit written ages ago.
Articles on yoga, the basics on how anyone of any age and shape can connect to it and benefit it.
Storytelling is one powerful tool how people connect with their life's that dawns faith and trust to bring that change.
Bottomline - Let people know the roots of Yoga from its roots, Pathanjali ( father of Yoga ) and what the Vedas have to say about them for modern times.
Connect with genuine yoga practioners who aren't for masses but want to touch lives those seeking it.

I'm still on the assumption it's a Yoga product based website. I would appreciate the fact of we could connect and I get to know the specifics of it.
And another request would to go through my profile on how we brother can be a catalyst in multiple ways to your endeavours in bringing you content or podcasts from the roots of our ancient treasure of wisdom.

Hope this brings a new perspective on being able to bring notice of your website for your sales.
For sales, keeping the technical knowledge to the last as its not my forte but I'm from India and if your talking about Budget, it doesn't get better than to outsource it here where your budget fits in.
I have friend whose reference work I could share to see for yourself on SEO / Google Adsense and more for the traffic flow.

Thank you for your time and I hope we connect and have a detailed step-by-step guide how we can take this forward.

Thank you.

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