Wendy MaynardKinesis, Marketing Strategist, Business Consultant

Co-founder of Kinesis, Wendy Maynard works with business owners and executives to develop their leadership skills, build great cultures, develop strategy, move their goals forward consistently, and keep them on track. Her marketing and business articles have been featured in publications and on websites around the globe.

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My business partner and I co-founded a marketing and business consulting company that is on track for our 3rd year as an Oregon Fastest Growing Company. Some things that have worked for us to grow:

1) Setting up good SEO on our site.
2) Writing regular blog posts.
3) Asking our customers and business network for referrals
4) Gathering great testimonials.
5) Getting regular endorsements on LinkedIn.
6) Helping our clients reach their goals (i.e. being good at what we do).
7) Establishing relationships with the local media.
8) Guest posting.
9) Developing strong relationships with people who are "connectors" in our target communities.
10) Attending important local events.
11) Hiring people who have connections in the community.

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