Jimmy MoncriefLender and Real Estate Investor

I love helping people get financing from lenders and investors.

I also love talking business development, product validation an sales.

Sold a SaaS to a private technology company.

Sold hedge fund to a private equity group.

I love helping people get financing from lenders and investors.

Recent Answers

I would highly suggest you pre-sell your product or service.

In my experience, a lot of friends, family and potential customers will all tell you "its a great idea."

However, there is nothing better for product validation than getting a customer to write a check or give you their credit card information.

When that happens - YOU KNOW - you are addressing a major pain point!

I am a commercial lender that has made plenty of loans for SSS.

This is an AMAZING business as the default rates are lower for SSS than residential housing.

The biggest thing owners tell me is automating processes.


I will also add that you need to document what the funds are for: equity or debt.

A lot people fund their companies with a personal loan to the company for tax reasons.

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