Craig McIntoshM.Sc. Degree in Marketing, B.Eng. Degree Computing

I hold a Master of Science Degree in Marketing and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computing. I am a Social Media Strategist and Consultant and also a qualified Marketing Strategist.

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Remember when you start a business or are an established business you have to decide who is your perfect customer, since not all potential customers are equal, and not all potential customers are profitable. It is likely that the type of customer who is purely price orientated like those on Elance etc. may not be profitable to your overall business success as it is very unlikely they will pay you more in the future. You would be better focusing your marketing attempts on finding customers who do appraciate your work and understand the added value your agency has to offer, than chasing jobs, by people that only value you and your business by lowest price, which is a business model that can only lead to failure.

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