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@Ben Isaacson. Thanks for you input on using a new domain.

I should have mentioned since last year that I require my clients to get permission from their customers to be on their list (and provide recommendations on how to ask for that permission).

On the page where they upload their .cvs list, there's an opening paragraph says, "We’re very careful not to include email addresses that have not given you permission to receive your newsletter. If you want to be certain of what can and can not be included, click here for examples." Then, there's a checkbox that says, "These contacts have given us permission to receive our newsletter."

I then have the list cleaned, upload into Interspire and a welcome autoresponder is sent out from my client. This welcome email tells the customer they're now on the monthly newsletter list, shares a link to previous newsletters and tells the customer they can unsubscribe anytime, including removal links in the header, the footer and a large one in the body that sits between the copy and my client's signature.

I just thought I should mention this. I didn't know better before, but experience and hard lessons make us smarter.

Cheers and thank you.

I looked at your blog and you have a really good writing style and do a great job keeping things topical (which is the exception, congrats). Much of the advice you've received is solid. There's no magic bullet. I would add that you may want to make the content a bit more inviting (less busy) by opening up the line-height spacing of your content. White space is a good thing.

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