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My biggest passion in life, is helping small business owners reach their goals and aspirations; whether they be business or personal.

I specialise in helping small business owners understand the power of cloud services that will reduce costs, increase efficiencies, provide real time reporting, leverage data, to help them run their business better. We offer businesses a review of all their software and provide an end to end browser based solution to replace all their traditional desktop and server based software.

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We recommend Capsule, It is not as automated as infusionsoft, plus it does not include any automated market channels, you have to use a third party application for this, however it is simpler and easier to onboard sales staff remotely into learning the platform and up taking 80% of the functionality as compared to infusionsoft. Plus the pricing point at $12.00 per month US per user is far better pricing.

Fully cloud based, works on all devices.

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If you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to be in contact.

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