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Having been in digital marketing for 9 years, the ebb and flow of the value of digital analytics has been really interesting for me.

You'll want to work with your customer-centered teams to find your best customers, and reach out to help tell their stories featuring your analytics solution as the piece of the puzzle that helps them reach their ROI goals.

With a few great customer stories on hand, you'll be able to match the right prospect with the right story to show harder numbers.

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat more about this!

Tactically, I think you're up the right tree with networking -- however you want to do it. Since you have 13 years of clients to pull from, I'd look towards client referrals first, and here's a lot of re-engagement tactics you can use there.

In general, you need to rework how you position your video production in the market.

You say your videos speak for themselves -- but while they're high-quality, you're not directing folks to the parts of each video that your company direct that matter most. For example, what made the Vivioptal video one that you wanted to show off?

The strongest feature I can see on your site is that you're "Half the price" of your typical video production based in LA. If price is your only differentiator, you're going to have a difficult time qualifying leads because you're seeking bargain-finders, who are more willing to compromise on the things you'd think are important.

I'd love to talk a little with you about some easy ways to find your positioning so you can make your marketing work better for you without big changes to your media mix. Feel free to reach out!

Over the past decade, I've worked with a lot of brands that just can't spend their way to a consistent set of leads. With a limited budget, you're going to want to conserve your finances for the actual implementation of your strategy.

The best way to start is to leverage the people you know in the industry. Talk with them about their challenges in the field -- for yoga wholesale for example, it can be a quality issue or a inventory consistency issue. Addressing that need is going to be your first step to getting your sale.

Using the aspect that merges your company's best differentiator and your clientele's biggest need will give you the core parts of what you need to communicate in your marketing. Your next step would be getting that marketing in front of your potential clientele -- your network.

If you need help figuring out what makes you special in your market, I'd be happy to talk with you to hone that down so you can really get a marketing strategy that works for your business.

My gosh, this would be a dream for me right now. I've done marketing for the past decade and have had a bit of a reckoning that much of the tactical toolbox is missing the fundamentals that really leads to real success.

(Without being able to see your profile, sorry! Feel free to link me) I think what you're looking for is an alternative to a ton of "quick-win" tactics. To be honest I'd generally suggest that some of these tactics be used -- but only as a part of your overall strategy. There's a world of difference in results between using paid search as an advertising channel and quickly rolling up some PPC campaigns.

But to avoid most "quick win" strategies, I'd really think about focusing on your brand. There's two questions I'd ask yourself:

• Is your product doing something better or different than the rest of the market?
• Do you have a set of potential customers that care about the aspects of your business you're highlighting?

I'd then take these answers to start figuring out how to get in front of your audience with the message of differentiation. For consumer-facing brands, TV, Radio, Print Ads, and the like can really make an impact. For business-focused brands, event sponsorships, columns, and other kinds of authority-building advertising can be extremely valuable. But the exact channel mix and marketing strategy will flow entirely from your company's clientele and your brand's positioning.

For what it's worth, I'd love to talk with you a bit more about how you can build your strategy for sustainable marketing strategies and get your business the kind of marketing it deserves.

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