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I've been working in the education sector (private and public) since the mid 1980s. I pioneered remote and distance learning programs 'way back then' and have enjoyed the evolution that we've come to know now as online learning. Teaching in University (using the various LMS platforms) showed me the robust nature of remote training. In the last 20 years I've seen a growing acceptance of distance and remote learning and see only good things ahead. Naturally, there will be a shake out of the charlatans and con-artists who create crappy content, so the future will be won by those who differentiate themselves early on. There are some fascinating trends (which I've been watching and write about in my http://60SecondNewsletter.com) will disrupt the landscape somewhat. However, those keen to provide a quality problem/solution experience will prosper. I'm happy to answer more specific questions if there are any. Take care, and happy training!

This one is easy :-) "Launder It"

Here's how. [Assumes you have a Facebook page]


Use your email list as the source. FB will hash match it against their userbase. You can expect about a 60% match (so they say.)

Then you can create a highly targeted advert that shows ONLY to that custom audience - your sourced email list.

What you do then is up to you ...

You could re-engage them somehow with an offer.
An opt-in.
A straight pitch ...

Up to you.

I use this approach when I need to use an old or dormant list. It avoids spam issues. Stops complaints and the next best part is this ...

You can go deeper with FB and create a LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE that matches the various profiles of your custom audience and picks them out for you.

Facebook looks for more people JUST LIKE YOUR OTHER AUDIENCE and lets you reach out to them too.

Anyway, food for thought.

Hope that helps.

James Burchill
Bestselling Author, Instructor
& Social Entrepreneur

There are a variety of ways to grow your numbers. My approach typically yields 100-150 ppl per month with numbers ballooning to 300-500 when I "step it up."

The secret to my consistent larger numbers each month comes down to one thing - my monthly email marketing sequence.

Sure there are other things you can do.

Use different platforms to attract ppl - like Meetup etc.

You can implement a "Bring a Buddy" initiative - this doubles your numbers quickly if they do.

You can implement door prizes, giveaways and other interactive contests that you promote in advance to draw larger numbers.

But in the end ... it all comes down to how you market and message each month. I can't easily explain the monthly cycle in this answer box, but I'm happy to shoot you a free copy of my best selling book MEETUPOLOGY that explains much of what I did (and still do) to make the numbers of which you speak.

Let me know. And naturally I'd be honoured to speak with you directly too.

James Burchill
Writer & Digital Coach

Hi, I'm a two-time best selling author and have written a book on Social Media called "Social Media Isn't Social If You're Shouting!" I've also appeared on TV, local radio and in various publications discussing social media and local small business marketing strategies. Using these strategies I built a local b2b networking group from 0 members to over 3000 in just 18 months. Today (using my strategies) the network has more than 5000 members and for the most part it was built using free marketing and social media messaging.

To answer your question: Yes ... of course it depends on what you imagine your social media agency might involve. But if you start small and offer a single simple service (like writing and posting social media updates for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+) you can create a sustainable monthly revenue. You can also outsource the actual writing very inexpensively and managing a client with this level of service requires very little time - about 2 hours/mo.

I know because that's how I started mine. Our clients pay us a small flat fee of $499/mo (which we charge to their credit cards on the 1st of the month -- unless they cancel by the 15th of the previous month) and then we write and publish their social media updates.

If you'd like to see how we offer that simple service review my sales page at https://jamesburchill.leadpages.net/cme-sp/ and for the bigger picture, visit my main company site http://bfmx.ca -- they both explain our offer and what we do.

If you still have questions about how our program works and can easily be launched feel free to setup a call with me. I'll explain how you can setup a similar service and offer it to your local business community and how it's not too hard to get 4 to 6 clients all paying you about $500/mo.

For some people that's life altering, for others it's a start ;-)

Whatever you do, congratulations on choosing the e-shift from employee to entrepreneur, we need more people like that.

~ James

I've been a freelancer for more than 25 years and one thing I can tell you about this topic is do not compare your fees to others. You'll always find someone who gets more for less and this will tick you off. I made a point of asking what I wanted and NEVER ever tried to discover my colleague's rates. It's not about price it's about value ... And whether you do. Calculate what $ you need and want then ask for that. The rest be damned. That's their issue - not yours. I assure you that this approach will make you happier and more content. Sure sometimes you'll find out someone got more than you - so what? Big deal. Ask better next time.

If you're also looking for the tactical answers surrounding the technology of building a membership site I suggest you explore kajabi.com

I'd be inclined to do a couple of things on top of the usual print, radio and traditional advertising. For one thing, I'd seek out influential local people (I assume your target is mostly women.) I'd probably give a handful of them complimentary service and really make sure they had an amazing experience. I'd then encourage them (only if they liked the experience) to share their story with their friends. I'd offer these influencers free service for every 3 friends that came by and mentioned their referring friends name.

I'd also offer the towns most influential lady politician or public office holder free hair cuts for a year. Then I'd tell the media. I'd also create an event to launch the opening and invite people to enter their names for a free session. Or maybe complimentary hand massages while they wait ... better yet, how about a complimentary nail polish and hand massage while they wait. So many ideas ... so little time.

Have fun, and remember ... on top of all this you could ask those influential ladies to share their experiences on Facebook too. Ooh, see if you can get a local photographer to do complimentary head shots after the ladies have had their hair done.

Like I said ... I could go on. Have fun, and best of luck to you.

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