Randy LarsonFounder, Salmon Creek Outfitters,Inc.

Founder, Salmon Creek Outfitters,Inc.
• Founder, First String Outfitters
• Expert in Corporate Branding, Embroidery Digitizing and Production, Screen Printing, Apparel Marketing, Graphic Design

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"YES" - current, high-profile (known business representatives) reviews establish realtime credibility.

"NO" - outdated, abstract reviews can appear desperate.

Personally, I stay away from self-promoting reviews in my marketing. New clients can see portfolio examples of my work from clients past and present .

The quality and craftsmanship of your product or service far outweighs any referral.

In the famous words of ad man Dan Weiden, "Just do it."

Growing pains are a tell tail sign that you have the money to hire.

Cross-train your employees.

You are the most valuable individual in your company. No one works harder, faster, and no one produces more than you.

By cross training your new employs, put them on menial tasks while you focus on more productive avenues.

If you know what you are doing, and know how to do it better that anyone else, people will follow you. Period.


With everyone wanting to know everything about everyone, privacy will be on the forefront of tech and manufacturing-based commerce.

Make me secure and I'll buy.

Your question is all about trust. Do the customers trust your company? But of course, you cannot establish trust overnight.

Secondarily then, this becomes about copyrighting 101.

Is the offer crystal clear, have you provided social proof (testimonials from happy customers), and is your 100% money back guarantee clearly stated on the offer page?

If I understand the question correctly, you are struggling with the ability to portray your ideas in a way others would understand.

If that's right then a graphic illustrator is what you are looking for.

Good illustrators have the keen ability to creatively dissect your ideas into a "storyboard" that your audience can literally see, touch and experience.

Make sure to research their portfolios extensively before selecting an illustrator.

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