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I've run several successful companies and helped many others in the area of digital innovation, multi-channel marketing and process optimization. Over 25 years as an innovator, entrepreneur, marketer, extreme leader and life coach.

Life Coaching gives you a secret weapon, a competitive edge. Life Coaching takes people from good to great. It expands your world and helps you reach your higher calling, the life you are not living because you are trapped in your own isolated, critical self. Life Coaching will empower you to live the life you dream of.

If you are interested in experiencing a powerful deep coaching conversation, please contact me.

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Hi. I have to agree with Mike. I had a technology business that developed an unbreakable encryption product for internet payments and software anti-piracy, and when I needed a qualified tech co-founder, I looked within my own network. After doing some due diligence, I actually ended up asking my lead developer. This worked on several levels: We already had a great relationship built on the time we worked together. We had similar beliefs but he wasn't a 'yes' man. He also complemented my strengths and filled in the gaps where I was lacking. I always hire people smarter than me so I can continually learn and grow. The company as a whole grows too. Hope that helps!

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