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ave time.
Do you feel like you are wasting your time? We can get you to 10 min a day on LinkedIn with amazing social selling results. We bring Attention Economics, network science and algorithms to Social Selling. We provide training, speaking at your event, tools, Bots, consulting and you receive ROI from social channels.

Results delivered from Attention, Social Networking, General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR, AI and Mindset Change is possible by applying People Science to find answers and opportunities in and outside your network.

Using Pre-suasion, Artificial Intelligence, Social Selling, Bots, and People Science we deliver change and improve employee and prospect engagement.

The process is to help you Look Professional and be found, engage with authentic pre-suasion and deliver value for you and your network.

Peter Klein's goal: Help people use their Influence to create an engaged and sustainable world. Employee Wellbeing, Stop phone addiction

Tips on Networking and Engagement:
If you want to bring your meeting to life, here are some of the best ideas we have seen to move bodies, brains, and relationships:

Peter Klein has lived and worked across Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Crazy about Education Peter Klein and Educated Change run a Registered Charity; Educate Ethiopia, an International Charity that helps keep 21 schools open in Ethiopia, allowing 6000 children to stay in school and supported by Community Groups focused on Delivering Loving Change
I would love to talk to you: UK+44 20 3286 8877 USA +1 (917-224 9942) Connect to apply science to Social Selling, Bots, Dark Social, Blockchain, GDPR, AI, Drones and pull ROI from any network.

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