Paige Arnof-FennBrand marketing * ex-P&G and Coke * CMO 3 startups

Stanford Econ major * Harvard MBA * Procter & Gamble brand management in paper & cosmetics * Coca-Cola Asst CMO * SVP Marketing Launch (now Yahoo Music) * VP Marketing (sold to Bertelsmann) * VP Marketing Zipcar (first CMO of brand) * Founder & CMO Mavens & Moguls *

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There is never a perfect time to launch. I started a global marketing firm 16 years ago and recommend that first, make sure you have a strong idea:

When real customers are willing to pay real money for your product or service, you have a real business. If you do research with friends & family they may not want to tell you the truth in fear of hurting your feelings so make sure the research is valid.

If the days (and nights) fly by and you have more ideas than time to address them all, you're moving in the right direction.

When you believe in your core that a bad day on your own is better than a good day at your desk job, you've got nothing to lose.

Good luck!

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