Joyce B Odidison Conflict Analyst, Certified Coach

Joyce is Founder of the Wellness Improvement System and the Global Workplace Wellness Summits. She is also a Workplace Wellness Expert.
Joyce Odidison is the WIS®Dis-Ease Guru, showing people how to get rid of dis-ease from stressful thoughts, conflicts and relationships that may cause ill health and diseases in their minds and bodies.

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This would depend on your services. If you sell courses then use a lead magnet for your most popular course. If it is consultation, offer a great consultation checklist or a free consultation of a value amount. If its products then maybe a tip sheet on how the product works. We sell courses and training to other business, checkout our lead magnets at

I have been in the course development and training industry and have developed quite a few courses myself both for certification and general knowledge. With the business of our lives, most of us are preferring online courses. It is certainly a more familiar learning method for the coming generations so I expect to see more growth in this area. Checkout my blog at where I share more

We choose Singapore for in 2017 and have found the process very friendly. They overall have the most stable and secure society. Who knows what will happen in Hong Kong.

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