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All good answers but I'd come at this from a different perspective, i.e. the perspective of a product manager or product marketer.

Here's what I mean. If the prospective large customer is in a segment with multiple competitors--and the workflows and UX mockups you do can be repurposed and rebranded with the name of one of their competitors---then I'd do it on spec, i.e. for free, if it's only 20 hours.

I'd then say to the prospective client, "Hey, this is a core competency of ours and we've built these workflows for an industry segment. We'll rev share with you on the customized 'app' we spin up with no upfront cost to you."

If (or when) they freak out at that concept of you having so much "lock in" market power in relationship to your project and future iterations of the app, they'll be glad to pay you for it upfront---especially now that they think you are a domain expert in their space.

Good luck.

First the 'dimensions' of strategic clarity.

Simple. Every single member of the workforce, from the very top to the very bottom of the org chart needs to be able to repeat the strategy with 'clarity'. In one sentence at most.

Here are some examples.

Microsoft the startup: 'A PC on every desktop'.
Apple the growth company: Macs are 'insanely great'.
Sun the growth company: The network is the computer.

In brief, the strategic clarity can be summed up in a mass tagline.

Now for your first question.

Strategic clarity is the embrace of the company's execution agenda by both the formal and informal culture of the enterprise........ at every stage of its evolution.

For right or wrong, Ballmer's One Microsoft internal memo is an example of strategic clarity in recent times.

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