Mandy WoodlandFounder. Innovation strategy, health tech, #HXD

2x SaaS founder, co-working space founder. Board (Non-profit and crown corp) experience. Mostly works in experience design. Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Bounce Health Innovation. Mentor, Coach, Consultant. Former tech & privacy lawyer. Former Scientist, pursuing startups in health tech.

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Excellent question! I've seen these issues firsthand (both myself using lean startup in my health 2.0 co., and with my clients) and I honestly don't feel there's a 'one size fits all' answer. Based on the info you've posted, I think you need to really understand what your main goal is. If it's for reversing disease, leave the B2B piece until you've worked the bugs out with your patient beta testers and make your product work best for them. Make it a great product. Get a community of users. Then bring to influencers and your potential B2B customers when it's working and has a user base that allows you to better demonstrate the value to that set of customers in the data, etc. Happy to chat further if you have other questions!

Great question! I've worked with a lot of founders who struggle with (a) shareholding structure and vesting, and (b) using shares as work incentives. I'd need some more info to give you a good answer - most importantly, what are you aiming to achieve with the vesting agreement? Happy to chat further!

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