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Great question. An answer here will be working off some assumptions but I think this can be addressed fairly directly.

If Capsule knows the listing type as fed from your site and it has the email address you're looking to mail with you'd want to build a report to output each of those variables. Difficulty level... probably 6/10 for most CRM users.

Once the reports are built they would dump to a CSV table(s). These could be batched and identified by a keycode given to Mailchimp or you could upload them to X number of different individual campaigns.

Depending on the frequency you need this process to occur you could probably do an API with Mailchimp and feed this same information to the same places though I'd expect to pay for it. The CSV dump is way more practical for most applications though, especially if you aren't updating your mailing file in real time.

We deal with stuff like this all the time for clients - if I can help with specific process design let's set up a call.


You'll want to look a little closer at the state you choose to incorporate in. That's going to go hand in hand with where your physical US office will be. Most states will let you file for incorporation online, your attorney can do it, or Legalzoom and many other vendors offer help with the paperwork.

Once your EIN is issued (this is your corporations number for tax purposes), you can tackle the bank account and merchant services and payroll moving parts.

There will be lots of paper shuffled. If you have any questions I'm happy to do a short call.

Hey there!

Before you get started with generating leads you should take a look at what kind of cost per sale your model can support. After assessing your ideal cost per sale you can look at some realistic ways to generate leads. Make that list, then look at what you're best set up to convert when you play to your company strengths.

Quick example for you:
Lead source X has a cost of $50, convert 10% of a qualified lead to a sale has a marketing cost per sale of $500. If your average product sale can support that, that prospecting source should go in your list.

Take that list, sort it to playing in the order of your organizational strengths and test them in accordance with your budget and timeline goals.

Obviously a broad a deep topic. If you want to set up a call let me know.

Prospecting databases exist with technology information garnered from web caching. We work with a file that has almost 8,000 selectable deployed technologies at a company level. Common tactics I see include targeting competitive products and targeting base systems required for bolt on technologies.

If you're already using a marketing automation solution, you might try testing prospecting email records to opt user's in to your content then building a relationship and conversation from there.

Always free for a call if you want to explore the idea more.

Lots of companies there have grown too large or not provided enough internal growth roads for employees to retain top talent over time. Start small, get really epically large then hemorrhage top talent into the local ecosystem. If you're an NPR fan there's a whole This American Life on why Chicago needs to have a Groupon type of firm get all big and uncool to work for so that the local economy spawns more innovation.

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