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Stuck on why people are having trouble accomplishing tasks with your product or service? Through explaining your story, I can identify topics, categories and themes the bridge those two areas. We can discuss a possible deliverable to visualize the project, business and user goals which derive from primary and secondary tasks.

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Reviewing your psychographic research about your primary users may reveal that other forms of feedback may get you to information you seek for feedback. On the other hand certain users will appreciate the person to person outreach. Setting expectations in the form of a link labeled "why am i asking for your phone number? or maybe a short video explaining your philosophy on this matter. I can help you on a call with details on how to phrase the text for these software text fields or ways to construct a video and script.

I would recommend you start at a basic level first, I would first ask for some clarification on what you mean when you say "we need someone to help me turn the dream into reality." What i am trying to clarify is expectation between possible team members, so we are not going off people's assumptions and are working towards a shared understanding about project, business and user primary and secondary tasks which are aligned with goals. If you would like guidance on this clarification, i would be open to a discussion through clarity. Have a great day!

One of the most important question you need to ask yourself is do you want "production level" work meaning you give a specification document to a person and they create a piece of software for you or do you want more of a facilitator, in which someone works with you and uses their education, experience and coaching experience that will enable you to produce software that not only addresses the here and now but will benefit you in the future. Make sure you have it clear in your mind what exactly do we want this person to do for us? , and how does this align with our project, business and user goals, plus primary and secondary tasks?

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