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Actionable advice to improve sales & leads in 15 min. No Fluff, Quick Wins, and Immediate Growth Tips. Get your Shopify / eCommerce, Saas, Blog, App, Landing Page, or Website reviewed to generate more revenue, opt-ins, and conversions! I have done over 7,000+ AB Tests and give you direct advice to quickly make enhancements. Improve conversion rates, leads, and sales with A/B testing, eCommerce, and landing pages. Ask me how to improve your revenue and increase conversion rates. Many people call my tactics Growth Hacking. Yet, I don't see myself as a Growth Hacker.

I started doing conversion rate optimization and A/B testing in 2000. One of the first web projects I created was focused on landing page optimization and online conversion funnels. Now I work with eCommerce, startups, and membership sites to design and develop high converting lead generation, subscription startup funnels, and sales funnels.

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If you want full control for the checkout, Magento is probably going to be the best option. You can also do it with woocommerce. The woo checkout has gotten better and you can tweek it to improve conversions, but you will get more flexibility (if you have a developer) with Magento.

Saying which system has the best conversion rates between those two, BigCommerce and Shopify is hard to say because there are too many factors. To get the best conversions in your cart, the tips would be to ensure you QA the full experience thoroughly on every browser and every device and then iterate consistently to find ways to push more people to complete the sale. You can also use Qualaroo to find out why people do not convert.

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