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Founder at Socio360 (A Complete Digital Marketing Agency). Entrepreneur, can offer advice on Digital/Online Media Marketing, Type of Website, Branding, Marketing Strategy, Go-to-Market Strategy, Motivation for Founders in Crisis & Starting a Company in India

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It definitely is worth. If you go through my personal blog I did heavy promotions for initial 2 months and wrote regular posts.
Today it has grown to be a huge community and has international authors contributing. It certainly helps you build your brand value and get a lot of consulting offers.

Only strategy that hits my mind right away is offline collateral.
Example, You need to print out a5 sticker asking for posting of reviews on your website by approaching the Aged Care Service Centers and ask them to paste the sticker at the entrance & exit.
I am offering free 15min calls. If interested to know more you can schedule a call with me.

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