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- How do I promote and sell it?

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This is anecdotal and I don't have data to confirm but the legal industry is very traditional - disruptive and innovative products can be a tough sell.

I think the most important question that you need to answer is do people need legal translations?

Thanks for the great thoughts all. Keep 'em coming...

Hey Fabio,

A couple of thoughts:
1) A lot of people in the southern hemisphere do a "Christmas in July" because that's when winter falls. So maybe you could target that market in May, June & July and squeeze out a few more sales.

2) Is there more you can do to optimize for the holidays to make your most effective period even better? This could be either marketing related or cost-saving/efficiency based.

3) Apart from that, I think it's going to be a hard sell to market and sell Christmas product out of season. Typically, seasonal stuff is heavily discounted during these non-holiday periods so that could be a problem. I'd take what you've learnt (and mastered to a certain extent by the sounds of it) with that business (eg product, marketing, logistics) etc and find new niches.

Step 1. Use or a similar online offering.
Step 2. Post a great job description. Ask respondents to answer specific questions. If real-time communication is important, specify the timezone.
Step 3. Shortlist applicants.
Step 4. Hire initially on a short term basis as a trial

In addition to Viktor's questions you need to answer:
1) Who is your audience?
2) What are their pain points?
3) Where are they online?
4) Who are the influencers in this space?

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