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Looking for some clarity on a particular situation? Call me, I can help. About me: Self employed for over 20 years. I've experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm not perfect. I am honest. I rise above by seeing what others cannot see and taking action when others are scared.

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I use LegalShield for all my legal needs. Having firms in Canada and the U.S. Could help you in this case. Feel free to contact me for details.

I use LegalShield for all my legal questions. This is a great example of its use. They charge a small monthly fee. A member can call the firm as often as they want with any question to get an answer from an attorney specializing in the particular area of the law. will give you more details. You can call me at 512-450-8890 if you wish.

You can expect to pay either $400 a hour on retainer or $up to $125 a month for unlimited conversations. I suspect you will prefer the $125 a month for unlimited conversations as you will not have to give up equity.

Target Marketing combined with short and to the point. First, know your market. Only approach those who KNOW could benefit from your service. Make the calls short and on point. When cold calling, I know my audience and I only ask for 11 minutes of their time. I can present my product in under 6 minutes leaving them enough time to answer questions. The key of the initial call is to get the appointment, NOT make the sale! Too many people try to go from Hi to Buy in under 3 minutes on the phone when someone's day has been interrupted! Also helps to call before 8AM and after 4:45PM as those time the gatekeeper is usually not answering the phone. I find 5-6PM on a Friday night to be a good time as most business owners are still cleaning up from the week. Again, know your prospect. This may not apply to you if your prospects are employees looking to get home!

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