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Entrepreneur. CEO of Spoiltchild. Co-founder of BizCamp and Advisor, speaker and author. Passionate about customers and how to keep them. Love stories, well told.

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Build a great community around you, your users. In this way your users will help to promote and sell you and your product. Maybe you understand your users better than your competitors who are overseas. Can you play on that theme, show your users how you are different and unique. How you help them and go over and beyond each day to grow your company into something bigger that serves them.

The great thing about growing your company online; is that great stories well told by small disruptors with vision, can out-preform and outsell the bigger folks.

You right now are small and agile. This is a strength. You don't have to wait for decisions to be made. You make them. I always think of Giacomo Guilizzoni founder of Balsamiq Studios. He was so open about what he was trying to build, how big his company was (just him) and his vision. His users loved what he was doing so much they supported him in the early days and now Balsamiq is standard for wireframes and prototyping in the industry.

I suppose it is time to think about what you can do and put less focus into thinking about the others. Small can be great and punch well above our weight category and win.Good luck!

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