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In my practice working with business leaders and athletes, we identify what successful people do and then tailor the specific behaviors to fit the needs and lifestyle of individual person. Below is how I have tailored the most successful routines to suit my needs.

Musts in the morning:
1. 10 moving minutes (whatever you feel like doing - walk, run, yoga, skipping, weights, stretching, etc).
2. 16-20 ounces of water (important after an 8 hour fast to get the body going with the 10 moving minutes).
3. protein within 30 minutes of waking up (best way to get mind and body ready for the day).
4. take care of myself BEFORE I open up my computer and phone (shower, journal, b-fast, listen to music, etc. to place me in a positive, energetic, and confident mood).

Musts during the day:
1. Feared Things First (whatever is on my to-do list that I fear or don't want to do. Feared things first makes the rest of the day much better!)
2. research says that best time to exercise is either noon or between 5-7pm (helps with sleeping and people are generally more energized during those times. Plus it's a great break from work).

3. Musts at night:
1. Natural Calm (a fabulous magnesium drink to calm the mind and muscles before bed).

***When you take care of yourself first, you are better equipped to take care of everyone and everything else in your day.

***Remember, it best to tweak successful habits to best suit your needs. Feel free to contact me to help you plan the best daily ritual for your life.

In my experience working with elite athletes and seeing dynamics played about between the Athlete-Coach relationship, or overall sports teams and entrepreneurs I've consulted, Great teamwork should be fostered in an environment of open-mindedness and a mandate embraced that idea-conflict is healthy, but personal conflict will not be tolerated.

Too often though weak leaders, or uninformed leaders, believe their teams must all become friends with one another and they attempt to force this camaraderie rather than let it develop naturally.

More specifically, early symptoms of unhealthy personal conflict include members needling one another behind the other's backs, negative body language (one of the most relevant signs, after all it's difficult to hide in a workplace), and a third symptom whereby one begins to repetitively shifting blame toward the other for even the smallest of tasks not being fulfilled - or perceiving the task as being completed at a level not to their satisfaction.

Feel free to ring me for an initial consultation...the beginnings of a fractured team dynamic will certainly be detrimental to the overall success of the teams goals. This is a topic I've dealt with many times in my career, and I'd be happy to provide you with actionable steps to resolve the issue and provide immediate steps to rally the team so you can achieve your mandate.

Keep in mind PayPal began without an idea of becoming the PayPal we all know and use today. They initially started with the idea of greatness to find an area of the market they could serve but in my opinion they went too broad - which led to the disagreement of Elon Musk and their then CEO. Musk decided to refocus the vision of the company on providing one great product rather than multiple. Through his vision, he assembled a team keeping them focused on their individual tasks to be performed with excellence, while he maintained his responsibility was ensuring they steered the course of PayPal toward its innovative vision. This is a great example of leadership exuded by some of the most winningest CEO's and Leaders in history.

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