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Consider writing the "Best of" page, but don't put it on your site. Instead, use it as a guest blog post on another site. The links will go to you and it's great content for the other blog.

If you're interested in writing good copy when marketing B2B, check out the book Copy Logic by Michael Masterson & Mike Palmer. Also, The Truth About Leads by Dan McDade is great and looking at the marketing process.

Your best bet is to talk to people in your network. Tell people you know what you are looking for and ask if they know anyone that may be interested in investing. Not all angel investors refer to themselves as Angel Investors. The other place to find angel networks online is http://www.angelcapitalassociation.org/

I've worked with several business partners and some were Great, while others not so much. The great ones were referred through my network of trusted individuals. Reaching out to people you know and trust and letting them know what you are doing and looking for is the best way to find a partner. The next step is to make sure you have shared values. Which means, you need to write down what your values are and then ask the potential business partner if they match with what his/hers are. That's the best approach I've found from my own experience.

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