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Getting all these roles in one person is not easy. If it helps we can help with bookeeping on leading online accounting software Xero. This function then gets managed by specialists so your monthly accounts are prepared to "audit" standard. Do give us a call if of interest.

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I am a former PWC Chartered Accountant now helping small companies and accountants improve their business. Check out our websites (for accountants) and www.financedirectorservices (for small businesses - under construction).

It depends what sort of workflow you are looking to automate:

1) For accounts production and other "back office" workflow there are some good software available. I'm not sure which country you are in but in the UK Iris is the market leading solution. Sage also has an offering for practice management

2) For general systemisation of activities Basecamp is a very good and cheap solution

3) If you're looking for automation of your marketing workflow, Infusionsoft is very powerful

Not sure if that helps but happy to chat if you need further help.

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