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The nature of this questions is shaky.

Do you want an entire strategy outlined here?

Are those 5K friends relevant at all? Are they targeted and engaged followers?
With organic reach so low, I wouldn't be excited if those 5K people went straight over to his fan page.

In the end, what does that mean?

(Ok, enough rhetorical questions )

My advice is to lay out a strategy that actually helps the client reach his/her goals rather than simply "change to a page."

I would create that page asap, outline a content strategy, and deploy an ad strategy to get super-specifically-targeted people into the pediatrician's funnel.
(Plus, it's always helps to show quantitative results to clients. Email addresses are almost as good as new patients. If you're super savvy, you can actually convert those new emails addresses into patients for him/her.)
Start by getting enough likes to advertise.
Start advertising "shareable content" like helpful info in picture format. (People will share and engage with this)
If there are blog posts to promote, promote those and pixel your visitors.
If you can organize some sort of Facebook event or virtual giveaway, that will be a great way to generate quality leads for a pediatrician.
(Again, pixel people every chance you get so that you are able to re-target them and keep your marketing message in front of them.)

The most important thing here is to stay focused on delivering tangible results with social media services.

You'll find that looking at top line revenue alone won't provide much value to you if you are asking the question "Is my advertising spend worth it?"

Typically, in advertising I want to know the Lifetime Value of the customer or the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).
Then, it boils down to : If I spend $100 to acquire this new customer and he spends $150 over the lifetime of his paid relationship with me then, yes--- my ad spend is worth it.

On the other hand:
I could spend 10K this month in ads.
I could sign up 20K in users/customers/top line revenue.
But my data will tell me I spent MORE per customer/user than they are actually worth over the average lifetime.

So that's what usually answers the "Is it worth it" question in any advertising scenario.
1. How much to acquire the user?
2. How much does the user spend over the avg lifetime?
If it doesn't make sense, it's not worth it, regardless of what your top line revenue tells you.

You might find this blog post on cohort analysts valuable as it goes into more detail. (I have no affiliation.)

When I began my Solo profession, I didn't have much of a network that even understood what I did.

I had to build relationships fast. So, I'll skip the generalized theories around marketing and tell you what I'd do if I were you (again.) ....even on a bootstrapped budget. :)

This will give you a short term bang and set you up on a rock solid foundation.

1. Define your ideal customer in detail. Identify the content they are consuming.

2.Create a list of 10 headlines that will catch their attention.

3.Create a LinkedIn Group dealing with your subject matter. (It would help to go look at profiles of your ideal buyers and peek at the groups they belong to for inspiration)

4. Pimp out your profile on Linkedin and create a Facebook Business Page. (Start requesting connections on LI and invite people to like your page)

5.Sign up for Get Response Email Service (first 30days Free AND you can build a landing page for to capture emails there as well)

6. Make your landing page simple with a Free offer that makes people want to give you their emails.
Ex: 5 Simple questions to determine the best HR firm for your business.

7.Make content- NOW. It can be quick videos (not fancy but not outrageously poor quality), audios (sound cloud is free and has an app to record via mobile), written posts, images (infographics can be made with quick, interesting facts using Canva for free) -- you get the pic.
Make content that they will enjoy and find useful.
-Direct them to get on your emai list at the end of each piece of content.

8..Start populating your Facebook Biz page, linkedin, and the Linkedin Group with your content asap. Be sure to interact and be human.

9.Now, you should be starting conversations and seeking out relevant ones where you can add value. (Instead of saying- I can help you, buy my services, say- I made a video on that topic here, let me know if it's helpful or you have any questions. (This is strategic but still being a person of value and influence)

10. Outline a webinar, & Host one asap.
Leverage your new contacts from this process you've been carrying out to fill the spots. If you did all of the above with the intention of creating real relationships and real valuable information for your target market, it will not be hard to get folks from the group and your new network on to the webinar.
In fact, they'll want to show up.

11: Invite them to be customers. No hard sells. Pure value always attracts the right buyers ;) It's a beautiful process.

Finally, if you're wondering why I said to make a FB business page, it's because you can upload your connections in a custom audience and run targeted FB ads to them alone. This is just extra fuel for the fire and an added layer of effectiveness.

If you have questions with any steps of this process, drop me a message.

Best wishes and Congratulations on this new venture!

The biggest concern I have is what you wrote about Facebook and Google.

To win in advertising, you must fail. That's more than a snazzy saying, it's the reality that makes many people quit before seeing any favorable results. :)

If I was working with you, I'd ask to review your results on those Facebook ads.
Those metrics have a story to tell you.
You'll find out what didn't work and where to go next.
Did you do any split testing?
Did you let your ad reach enough people before it was deemed "Unsuccessful"?
Did you have your buyer persona written out in detail?
Did you research the "competition" at all?
Did you take advantage of the rich targeting features to hone in on the best, most qualified buyers? (You can't get this functionality anywhere else in the world right now)

Facebook dark posts still work,
They are very effective, especially for folks with smaller budgets. I primarily work with Solopreneurs (one man shows) and they don't need to spend $1000's of dollars to get real results.

Advertising and social selling in general is a process that should be scaled up over time as it makes sense to do so.

By the way, I love the site. It's clean and classy. Not exactly what I think of when I think "hipster" but that's not your major problem right now.
Getting those first customers is the main issue.
Everything else will seamlessly come together as you acquire paying customers.
Like Mark Cuban says, "Sales are the cure all."

So in order to keep afloat and moving forward, I strongly suggest digging into those metrics and giving Facebook an intentional shot with a new focus.

Instagram will be rolling out ads soon, you could start to build up your following there with minimal effort daily so you can test ads when they open up for business.
Pinterest is another big traffic gold-mine that would be a fit for your brand and demographic.

Yet, I say-- review the metrics that you already have. They've already got a story to tell you.
Then, go from there with one solid plan to stick with until you can honestly rule it out as ineffective.
If you want to chat on this, I'd be happy to. This is my sweet spot. :)

Best wishes to you and Congratulations on your new venture.

This is an old question and I hope you've pivoted since...
However, if you haven't the simple answer is to focus less on those places. You're in the low hanging fruit section of the web so you will get the low prices-- most of the time.

If you want to be paid based on your value not your time, you've gotta do what the rest of us do. :)
--Hustle to put scalable marketing systems in place.

Begin with the basic fundamentals of mapping out your ideal client, setting up an email list, and put content out there to attract them to you.

I know what it's like (as many experts here do) to get started but you'll never grow playing small.
All the Best!

There are tons of Free QR code creators (or low cost).
You could create a coupon, assign unique QR codes for each affiliate (place them on cars), and scan them in store to give proper credit to the affiliates.

The only problem I see with this is: human nature.
We forget things, lose things, and show up asking about "that deal that some guy told me about."


Personally, I would want email addresses to communicate with the folks. (to really measure the effectiveness of this promotion)
I'd do this:

-Create a different bitly ( link for each affiliate.
-Place them on a coupon that has a great incentive.
-Write on there- redeem your coupon by visiting (the bitly link)
-This should take them to a simple opt-in page (to gather email addresses- you can use
-They give you their email, you deliver their coupon AND you are able to continue communicating. (since most sales take 7 touches before a decision is made anyway)
-AND your affiliates get the credit without error.

You'll get the most qualified leads and you can judge for yourself how effective this will be moving forward. :)

Congratulations to you!
Be sure to keep it simple or you may never get going. (Like 90% of people that are fiddling with complicated options)

Webinars on Air is highly inexpensive and the experience for your guests is better than most of the higher priced ones.(WebinarJam would be the other recommendation)

Create simple slides to teach a great bit of value. Pitch your offer clearly after 40 minutes or so of pure value.

Run a test Webinar alone - to get used to controls.
Get this out of the way. The first one will not be amazing so just do it ;)

Sign up for a free trial of GetResponse for your email marketing needs. (I favor this platform for robust features and major simplicity)

You can create an opt in page with Get Response (free for a month) to collect emails of attendees or you can go to and create an opt in.

I'd run ads on Facebook or possibly LinkedIn depending on your offer/target market to get attendees to show up.

Of course there are more tips and tricks to cover but the main idea here is to: get it done and get it out there. From there you will improve.

Use Camtasia for videos, no need for this. It will be recorded through the Webinars on air anyway.

Have fun and go execute!

Face to face may be great but it isn't as scalable as the online landscape.
A solid inbound marketing strategy will bring leverage and do most of the initial education that you are spending a LOT of time doing yourself.

If you are doing a fair amount of online marketing, I'd assume you are building an email list. If you're just talking to inividual people online, you're still just doing "face to face" activities .

You can be educating multiple people in multiple places using multiple platforms with a ton of automation to do the heavy lifting.

From there, inexpensive advertising will be a great tool to attract more people to your funnel.

Monetization is a FUN topic when you have a (1. targeted following who (2. wants what you have to offer (or is actively seeking it). You've already got people raising their hands but you need to move them from "rented space" (social media) to "owned space" (an email list that you own.)

Adding too many steps to the equation just spreads your workload wider and pushes your end goal into the future. There is a very tactical approach that will convert these followers to customers but you've got to convert them to email list subscribers before they can be converted into paying customers. This is basic sales funnel 101. ;)

My suggestion is to take snippets and offer those as a Free ebook or cheat sheet or even a practical guide with an end result in mind. It should be GREAT content, free content, that leads them to your email list. (Make this decision strategically --look at some data to see what converts best)

From there, you can upsell your paid offers/ product(s) to your email subscribers.

The Free offer can be posted directly on your social media updates (periodically ), you can also make custom Facebook tabs that push folks to your email list, and there are more options depending on the specific platforms you are using.

You can add a blog (later) and post relevant content that leads them to sign up for your email list/free offer as the "call to action" at the end of the posts. BUT I wouldn't focus on this first because it's counterproductive if you already have an active following.

Building trust and serving these people with valuable content will almost always guarantee they join your list and purchase your offers.
The real issue that holds people back is consistent execution. So just go execute. ;)
All the best!

Emotional Intelligence. Outsourcing can handle many headaches that take away from the actual craft of the Entrepreneur.
Focusing on Emotional Intelligence and understanding Human needs and Motivation is the skillset that will feed you for life.
It will also allow you to seamlessly transition into learning any other necessary skill in this digital age with ease because these emotional concepts govern ALL technical/practical techniques from copywriting - advertising to customer retention - lead generation and so forth.

He who knows "How To" is always employed by he who knows "WHY."
Concepts like emotion and motivation are not as sexy as practical strategies yet they are what every strategy is built upon.

Absolutely become a great manager, define the operations you must carry out and when, build an inexpensive outsourcing team to handle the "How To," and focus working ON your business and not so much IN it. :)

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