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Quite simply, social SEO is important because it allows social properties to rank for relevant key phrases in the search engines.

Having social media accounts rank for a key phrase, or even better - a brand, can help to accomplish a few things:

1) Increase brand awareness
2) Aid in online reputation management
3) Positively influence click through rate of other search results

Outside of these benefits, social SEO helps to actually make social profiles and pages more interesting and useful to users.

Here are some obvious answers:

1) Run a Google AdWords campaign to drive views to your video through the 4 different paid ad options for YouTube videos
2) Run a Facebook ad campaign
3) Run a StumbleUpon paid discovery campaign
4) Submit / share your video to video curation sites like
5) Send out an email campaign promoting your video (or partner with someone that has an established list)

Here are some less obvious answers:

1) Annotate your other YouTube videos and/or get other YouTube Channels to add annotations to some of their highly viewed videos
2) Have your video posted on popular Facebook Pages and pay to promote the post
3) Submit your video to social groups / communities (e.g. Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Google+ Communities, etc)
4) Create a landing page on your site, embed your video and optimize the page around a keyword theme to get the page to rank organically for relevant key phrases
5) Find influencers on Twitter (using a tool like Followerwonk) to get them to post your video on their social channels

I would answer with a definitive "yes".

I've worked with a lot of companies that used to burn through their marketing budgets without turning many of their hard earned inbound leads into revenue. So much of their focus was on capturing the leads initially, but they had nothing in place to properly nurture the leads that did not close upon first or second contact from their sales teams.

The differentiator for these companies, when they did turn things around, was consistently a strategic lead nurturing campaign, primarily through email marketing and social media. These nurturing campaigns can be very time / resource intensive as they require a lot of planning, content creation and follow through. These reasons continue to be some of the main barriers for companies that don't currently do lead nurturing.

Hubspot, as with a few other tools, only helps to make the nurturing process more manageable and less overwhelming. If the more sophisticated software is too expensive, which it can be for many small businesses, then I would highly recommend starting with (at the very least) an email marketing campaign through a service like Campaign Monitor or MailChimp. A few well-crafted and properly timed email messages can turn a cold prospect into a hot lead as it keeps the prospect informed and your company at the top of their mind.

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