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Marc Mousseau Business Strategist and Real Estate Catalyst. With more than thirty years of experience in Business and Real Estate, Marc has seen a lot. From being self-employed most of his life to developing $Multi-Million Real Estate development in Costa Rica, to co-ownership of a winery, he has gone through it! Internationally recognized speaker, trainer and author, Marc has presented to over 10,000 business owners and real estate investors on how to break through mindset barriers, recognize hidden gems within their business and achieve new levels of success. Marc truly understands the fears and challenges faced by everyday business owners and real estate investors, from those just getting started to seasoned professionals. His transformational coaching style and “don’t tell me I can’t” attitude, inspires entrepreneurs, investors and management teams to examine and break through barriers and accelerate their path to business growth and financial success.

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Hello Tricia, unfortunate first thought is that contracts available on the web for free are typically not sufficient to protect yourself and your partners from any future challenges problems or litigations.

1-The contract between you and your client depending on the product or service that your offering may be drawn up by yourself without too much challenges if it is not a complicated contract i.e. I agree to sell you X for Y price, and a description of your delivery time, payment terms, and the purchaser's responsibility.

2-A contract with the factory might be different especially if it is with your Chinese factories. Definitely this contract must be written by a lawyer that knows about international law. The Chinese are a very difficult group of people to deal with and you must protect everything and I state everything in this contract.

The more I think about your question more would really recommend you to meet with a lawyer. I understand that there are expenses to meeting with lawyers but unfortunately these expenses are necessary if you're dealing with the Chinese government, factories, for people..

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