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I am a confident, motivated and experienced online marketing professional. I have worked for the top companies within the online marketing industry, both supplier side for Google and agency side for Mindshare; part of the WPP group.

Having subsequently worked at smaller, independent agencies where I focused on website design, development and promotion, I have developed well-rounded experience in marketing websites commercially and ensuring they deliver on their business goals. I now focus on analysing key performance indicators and market research applying my knowledge to online marketing to increase the bottom line for businesses.

Specialties: 11+ years online marketing experience
B2C and B2B marketing
Skilled copywriter, Pay Per Click manager and analyst
Excellent communication, sales and presentation skills
Experienced in research, development and implementation of Pay Per Click campaigns
Highly experienced in online marketing strategy development and implementation
Experienced in account, agency and stakeholder relationship management
Good experience of implementation and interrogation of web analytics software

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My main red flag would be someone who doesn't understand your business and doesn't ask the salient questions as they relate to PPC.

I would come armed with all of the business metrics; who your main competitors are, what CPA you will want to achieve from PPC, how you will measure success, what tools are relevant to understanding your particular market etc. Ask the right questions then see how your candidate responds.

Let me know if you would like a call to discuss what these metrics and how best to plan a strategy around PPC.

Hi Glenn,

It looks like you have done your homework on this and have defined that there is high volume and low competition. if the aforementioned are correct AND the keywords are relevant to your business and will convert then you should absolutely go for it. However my big question here would be the integrity of your data in coming to the conclusion you have. There are many facets to understanding this. Having been in SEM for over 12 years I can really cut to the chase on this.

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