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Juno Nominee (Best New Artist) and multiple Canadian Country Music Award winner. Released 3 albums to date, spawning 10 Top 20 hits, all of which I've written. Toured with Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Toby Keith and others. I'm the inspiration behind the best-selling DAVIDsTEA's blend "Jessie's Tea."

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A fresh game plan is key. I've been there. Every artist is different. I'd suggest creating categories for the level each artist is at. I look at them as race horses. Each horse daily changes its location around the track- until someone wins at something. Managers have a super hard job of constantly keeping things moving and networking with the right people. But you have the challenge of keeping your artists happy whilst being realistic. If we had a call I'd like to suggest we do an audit of a day in the life of you. What are all the moving parts you have going? What can you do to create a structure and a simple action plan that will help you and your artists get some real wins. This biz is tough BUT I can help you get clarity.

An entrepreneur needs a partner who wants to be one half of a powerful team. Ideally they are somebody that is able to be patient, empathetic, calm, spiritual, and believes in their partner in a rational and unbiased way. They are able to set aside their own fears so as to listen to and support their partner on their journey. They have to be able to withstand major ups and downs. Being married to an entrepreneur and being an entrepreneur myself and being together through multiple ventures over 11 years I'm certainly able to talk to you about what I have learned on both sides of the partnership. Happy to talk to you for follow up

Both answers so far are good. Especially the info about having great songs.
I think it's so competitive out there that my suggestion to you is to focus on developing relationships with artists you believe in. If you write songs with them and they value your writing contribution, you will have a chance that they will cut your song or songs. Yes there are song pluggers and publishing deals. But ultimately it is about the steps you take to become good at what you do and to be proactively selling them in a way that fits your brand and isn't too pushy. And it's about becoming of value in the co-writing experience.
Unless of course your songs are insanely amazing. Actually even when they are, you still need believers to want to cut them.

Yes it could work. It depends on so many things. Structurally it could work. I have experience with creating a "moveable stage". Alternative venues like this are becoming more and more popular and super trendy. I compare this in some ways to food trucks. There are many things to consider though. I am a musician who regularly thinks outside the box and would be happy to work through this idea with you from the structural components to the marketing plan. It's good to do something out of the ordinary BUT there is nothing worse than being out of gas and out of power and out of cash. So let me help you build a clear road to freedom and success.

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