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Work with Android and IOS app developers. I perform copywriting, content marketing, App Store Optimization (ASO), social media marketing campaigns for the apps including effective press release writing.

Worked with developers of close to 100 apps on Google Play and iTunes sites. Partial list of apps I optimized and promoted: Max Unit Converter, VoX Mobile VoIP / SIP Phone, We Urban Radio, PHOTOBOX, Car GPS & Mileage Log Tracker, Share Where Messenger, Israelites Unite, Makeup Beautylicious Tips,Kids Memory Game, Arzaus I (FREE), Givelify, Teebik Mobile Security. Visit to see testimonials.

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I will not go into too much details but I want to mention that store optimization is a good place to start but it will not get you too far.

High quantity of downloads and reviews gets your app noticed.

The more downloads and reviews your app gets, the more people will think: "If that guy (girl) liked it so much - let me download it 2". And then the app gets the 'snowball' effect - keeps getting bigger and bigger. But you need to promote the app.

This was shared with me by app developers that hired me to help them promote their iTunes and Android apps: "Admob gets you the most downloads". I am not surprised because Admob ( is actually Google.

Why Admob is so good:
They provide detailed instructions:
on how to create, run and pause campaigns
bids, budget, and funding
reporting and tracking

Do not neglect to promote the app in social media: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. Of course, there are a lot of great social media sites, but I personally saw the best results on the 4 sites I mentioned.

One thing to remember: social media promotions work perfectly and deliver good results but... it takes time. That's why you need to keep at it again, again and again.

There are certain techniques that deliver great results, not just good.

Now go get tons of downloads. Best of luck!
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