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Marketed 200+ mobile apps / games for iPhone, iPad & Android. Specialize in new app launches. AppClover CMO, Marketing Your App founder, MIT grad.

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Great question! I think the best way to promote an app is with a well-rounded campaign that combines a variety of marketing channels and tactics. That way, every piece of the puzzle works together to get more visibility and better results than any one could alone.

That said, there are some channels that tend to work better, especially if you're starting out. Facebook advertising is great because it's self-serve and you can target your ads. There are many mobile ad networks depending on your budget and goals - AdMob, Millennial Media, RevMob, TapJoy, ChartBoost for games - I think the most important thing is to target your ads as much as you can and carefully test / measure.

Would be glad to explain more on a call - there are lots of great ways to promote your app.

Great question! Facebook is a good start since you can target your audience and measure your results.

Since you recently launched your app, I'd recommend a mini-launch campaign around it. You can put together a variety of marketing tactics that all work together to spread the word about your new app.

For example, reaching out to app review websites, sending a press release, working on your App Store Optimization, and more.

Would be glad to talk any time and explain more.

Great question! I think customers are using apps in a similar way as before, but the big change is with mobile developers.

The new iOS 7 is causing many app developers to update their apps to match the new look and feel that Apple created. Many app icons are also being updated to better match the "flat" look of iOS 7. Developers who act soon are attracting more attention and users.

If you're interested in discussing more, I'd be glad to join you on a call.

Great question! Since 60% of App Store customers use search to find apps, ASO can help you boost sales.

It's a big topic but I think the basics are to optimize those parts of your profile that are being searched by users - your app name (make it keyword rich if possible), your keywords (use terms that are popular but not overly competitive), and your company name (if you haven't created it yet).

I'd love to do a review of your app and give more ASO tips... let me know if you want to chat.

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