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Joel has a Strong background in Sales, Behavioral Science and Search Engine Optimization. He has created successful online and direct sales processes and strategies for numerous Fortune 500 companies. He is now currently works as a business consultant through Wright Enterprises, Inc and the Intuition Agency where he is pioneering Organizational Critical-Point Analysis to help businesses identify the critical point their organization where the smallest amount of effect and resources will produce the maximum amount of change company-wide, removing blocks to innovation, growth and success.

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It really depends - If you want to get the business launched quickly and start bringing in revenue, then obviously you would want to use a white label to leverage that company's resources and infrastructure to minimize your company's initial overhead. However, if you want more control over the SAAS platform to allow innovation of services, then you would need to have your own platform setup. Also, White Label or custom SAAS platform is not always an either/or decision. You can start out with the white label platform to start growing your business and bringing in money while you develop your own custom SAAS platform. Once it's done you can then switch over to that platform and end your business relationship with the White Label Service Supplier.

Personal branding is definitely a wise idea.
Now when it comes to weird or unusual names or spellings there are several tactics you could try.

The first one is quite simple: CHANGE YOUR ACTUAL NAME.

It may seem a bit drastic, but it is always an option and it is important not to limit your thinking processes be imposing limitations.

The second thing that you could do is create a simple and catchy nickname that is easy and fun to remember. If your name is Boris Peetrowichski and you know how to keep website visitor engaged and interacting with the page rather than just immediately click the back button causing a high bounce rate with no website wants than you might brand yourself as "Bounce Rate Boris - king of visitor engagement"

P.S. I know that "Bounce Rate Boris" is a lame nickname but hopefully you get the general concept.

Alternatively, you could associate your name with a particular keyword and make should they always occur together in the sentence. My good friend Steve Wiideman did this with the search term SEO Expert. Now his last name is a little unusual (it's pronounced Weed - Man}.....Sorry, Steve, but it is a weird spelling. Now if you go to google and do a search for "SEO Expert" you will see him at the top of the organic results where he has kept it there for almost a decade now. Now with a seo phrase like that, trust people learned how to correctly spell and pronounce him name quickly .

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You could do a Series LLC which would allow you to set up multiple ventures while compartmentalizing the liability and risk.

I would say that while some of the 500 Inc. Companies are actually developing there own tools and automation. Now the rest are either utilizing some of the Name-Brand tools and platforms out there (MOZ,, raventools, etc.) or they are hiring other 500 Inc. companies that specialize in Online Marketing to do their SEO, Online Lead Generation, Internet marketing.

I think that it really depends upon where your funding level is at. I will say that as far as Conversion Rate Optimization goes, any of the tools and companies of Tim Ash are an excellent investment . One of his companies is actually very affordable as far as pricing goes and I can drastically increase your website's Conversion Rate.

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