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I'm a conversion rate optimization and lead generation expert. Passionate about information architecture, UX design and inbound marketing.

My job is to increase the success rate of your webpage or website. No matter if you want more leads, customers or sales I can help you out.

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Have you made any calls yet? If not here's what you need to do.

Optimize your profile for your key expertise and use keywords in you title and bio.

For example I used inbound marketing, lead generation and conversion optimization.

Currently I rank really well for lead generation.

Answer lot's of questions on Clarity and give away free calls to earn some good rating and reviews. This will help you get more calls into the future.

Link to your Clarity profile from your blog/website. Also include a link to it in your email newsletter.

I hope that helps.

If you have any more questions, I'd love to help you out over a call.


Hello, so I have helped an wanted many information marketers make over $1M/year. This is how you can do it as well.

Currently, you have a big enough list to make a 5-6 figure product launch. it all depends of how and what you're selling to them. You really need to prepare a proper pre-launch campaign to do so.

What I'd suggest is to create a funnel and to test it with your current list. Price a product for at least $299, it can be $499, $799 or more. I don't know your niche.

Sell that to your current list. After that you can do a Joint Venture launch. This is where you go out there, you show your product to other influencers in your niche who have big email lists and you ask them to promote it for you in exchange for revenue share.

So if you have 10 JV partners with 100k subscribers, you're going to reach 1M people.

if you have a 2% conversion rate, you will sell to 20k people.

If your product is $299, this is $5,980,000 in sales. Let's assume that you share 50% of the revenue, you're left with $2,990,000. And this is from a single launch.

the secret always is:

1. test your product launch with your current list
2. find VJ partners to promote your product for you.

This is the faster way to grow and build a 7 figure info-product business.

I'd be glad to help you structure a plan of how to execute that. So feel free to schedule a call if you need more help.


To know the right product market fit you need to talk to your target customers. That's the best way.

Ask them things like:

what are your biggest challenges when it comes to <your niche>?
why is this so big problem?
what is going to happen if you don't deal with this?
how do you think you can deal with this?

When you find out what are their biggest challenges and pain points, create a product that helps them to solve them.

Ask them again for an interview and present them the solution. Look if they'd buy it. Search for objections why they won't use it. See if you can eliminate them in some way. Pivot your offer according to that.

Talk with at least 20 prospects per week and present them what you're doing and what's your progress. Ask for feedback all the time. Then, and only then you're going to build a great product.

By looking for feedback you eliminate guessing. And that's really important for success.

Feel free to schedule a call if you want more help with the product launch. I'd love to share my experience with you when it comes to identifying and connectin with your niche, how to validate your idea, get to product marketing fit and launch your thing successfully.

Wish you all the best,

Why do you need to know about the pricing of your competition in the first place? If you're offering great value, people will buy from you even if you're charging 5 times more. If you want to offer the lowest price possible to get more clients, then ask yourself how little can you actually charge. And put that price.

Spending the time to identify the price of your competitors is a waste of time. In 99% of the cases.

One of the best places to look for writers is Problogger. It costs you $50 to post a job but you will find one of the best talents over there.

You can hire great freelancers on oDesk and Elance but you need to know how to search for them. They will cost you less for sure. Look for people who have written in your specific niche and ask them to write you a post or 2 to see what they are capable of.

Right now I'm teaching people especially about how to find, hire & manage freelancers. I have hired more than 100 freelancers so far so If you want to learn more about how to do it, feel free to schedule a call.


I've been working in one of the biggest agencies in the world before and now I own a small digital agency.

I've found a way to close big clients really easily by doing the following:

Connecting with them directly and identifying their biggest pain points.

Then you need to showcase that you understand them (mainly with content marketing and talking with them) and you know how to deal with that and making an offer.

The first thing I do is I find my niche, the people I want to work with. I connect with them and I ask them for an interview.

During that interview I don't sell them anything, I just want to learn more about their business, what are their current issues, challanges, etc. I'm looking for the biggest pain that I know how to solve.

If I identify one, I ask them if they want to receive free content on that topic. When they say yes, I put it in my database.

Then I start releasing some great content for them on the topic. Then at some point a make a sale by telling them we're growing and we have a few spots open for new clients. I make them fight to become one.

I used this system to talk to and close Fortune 500 and Inc 5000 companies so if you're interested to learn more, feel free to schedule a call. I'd love to share my ideals & methodology with you.

Testing your idea thanks to Facebook Ads might be great but I believe there is a better way. In my opinion idea extraction can be done completely for free and you can even get much better results from your research. Here it is what you need to do:

1. You to need to find a way to reach to your niche: through social media (think Facebook, LinkedIn groups, Twitter, etc.) and forums.
2. You connect with individuals directly and ask them about their biggest challenges and issues related to the problem you're solving. You try to find the pain point and then you present the possible solution. You ask about their honest opinion and you will be amazed by what kind of ideas they can give to you.

I can reveal to the whole method to idea validation/extraction that you can use to see if this is the right thing to develop and how you might shift it. Feel free to schedule a call with me if you're interested to learn more.

I'm making a profit (about 15k/year) but it's not enough to survice in the long term. I guess I will need to start calling people that might help.

First I believe you need to think about what kind of visitors you want to attract and why.

You also need to know why they'd like to visit your website. What are you offering that they'd like to see?

Then you can think about the strategy.

You might try Google Adwords, Facebook ads or LinkedIn to reach your audience.

Also if you need 50 users per day one of the best things you can do is to invest in content marketing. Let's say: if you blog daily and share it on social media and bookmarketing sites it will be really easy for you to get 50 visitors per day. Your content will also rank in search engines and will bring you organic traffic.

If you need more insight on how to bring traffic to your website, feel free to schedule a call. I'd love to help you out.

Best regards,
Martin Zhel

So here it is what you can do:

1. You start with addressing their biggest pain point. You never start with your products or services because they are not interested into that. They want to solve their pain as soon as possible.

So create a list of the biggest irrational fears, frustrations, desires, goals, etc. and think about how you can address that in your advertising and marketing copy.

2. Think about where you can reach them:
- are they actively looking for a solution? If so - search engines might be a good idea
- use YouTube as well. Ranking over there is much easier than on Google.
- are there people you can partner with to promote your products? use affilliate marketing
- Use social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
- Direct contact - call them and ask them what are their biggest challenges, this will help you to get to know them better and to make the best offer.
3. Move the freeline. I have found out that the more interesting and value content you produce for free, people are actually more interested into buying. And you can sell them more.

Make video series following by a webinar where you can sell your stuff.

Educate them on the problems they are having and why they are experience this pain. Push them even further outside their comfort zone and they will love to buy what you're offering.

I hope that was helful. If I know more about your product/service, I will be able to give you a much better advice. So fell free to schedule a call, if you need more help.

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