Peter Holt GardinerManaging General Partner at Seaforth Partners, LLC

Holt is a strategist by nature, and by experience. He is Managing Partner of Seaforth Partners, LLC, a boutique consulting firm, and has 20 years of senior deal making experience across numerous markets, but with a focus on corporate finance, M&A, venture capital and strategic planning to the media, sports, gaming and consumer products industries.

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Varies greatly due to company focus and product(s) and/or services contemplated, but diligence focus at this level is usually focused on product viability and market opportunity, competitive landscape, team and path to market.

As others have stated, this is in my experience, a unique and absurd request that is totally uncalled for and has no precedent.

Ask for a list of entrepreneur teams and companies they have funded, and google the funding rounds to look for their participation. Usually, legitimate money will be more circumspect than the less professional, and occasionally questionable sources.

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