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My name is Serg and I am product consultant with 10+ years experience. My area of expertise includes: e-commerce, SaaS, marketplace, classifieds. My strong sides are strategy, monetization, scaling and growth hacking. I speak fluently 3 languages - English, Russian and Ukrainian.

I have experience working with small startups (up to 20 people) and big corporations (6000+ employees) and managing the product for companies that operate in 90 countries and 26 languages. Furthermore, I have successfully launched two own products (marketplace & aggregator)

Write me a message if you need a consultation with:
- Product strategy
- Product defenition (product <> market fit)
- Processes in product and development
- Metrics, unit-ecomony, P&L (for internet products only)
- North Star Metric and Aha-moment for your product
- Customer experience (Customer development, persona, JBTD, Customer journey map)
- Pricing and bandling (for internet products only)

Recent Answers

Usually on the first stage they collect the project all over internet: other marketplaces, social networks and so on. Then, after they have 50-100 tasks they turn on adv in search and social. Guys who want to earn money 10 times more than the guys who want to spend it:)

I recommend you to sell via Amazon. The biggest audience lots of sales even in these times and easy start. If you are interesting I can tell you about it. I have 2,5 years experience in US Amazon sales.

In Russia you can check - the biggest marketplace ever. or
In Ukraine -
In Poland -

If you need the whole list of marketplaces please let me know.
If you can specify the type of your items - my answer could be more specific.

If you can take a discount from your partners (insurance and so on) you can sell the subscription to you customers that will save their money due to discounts on your platform.

I recommend to look to content-marketing. You can run you blog with tips and reviews of interesting places. You can post you guest post in famous travel blogs. You can run contest between instagram or facebook celebrities. All you need to find your target audience.
Good luck!

I recommend to look into third party solutions. Due to your marketplace niche you can choose one of existing CMS (content management system). For MVP please look to wordpress CMS ( You can easily roll-out it in default design in 1 day and you can split the audience on register page. For different group of customers you can enable different functionality. I've launched several marketplace MVP on wordpress and then when the hypothesis confirm hired and develop my one platform.

Hello. My name is Serg. In my point of view one of ideas is a service where people will collect what the do after quarantine finished. For example: I will go to my favorite restaurant Yoshi Fujiwara and eat sushi. Or: I will go to my favorite shop D&G and buy new clothes for my family. The idea is the remember all wishes and send a reminder when all this situation finished.
We can discuss more details if you are interested in.


Hi! I saw you have lots of answers and they are completely right. If you interesting in specific apps (how they earn and how much) ping me I can give this information for you.


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