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French Entrepreneur, co-Founder of, Founder of Cineact (VL'11), GB Innovation Inc (Texas), co_Founder of Openskymap (VL'12) – Angel Investor (1), Mentor of startups and traditional business (2 restaurants currently). Passionate about helping others. Thanks to European timezone, i can work when you sleep and i go to bed late when you call.

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Do you expect to run a business with this app ?
If yes, fill a leancanvas (on paper or, validate your assumptions with interviews of patients and psychologists, show them mockups of the app with uxpin or balsamiq. When it's validated that you can earn money (how much are they willing to pay, how many are they), outsource the development.
If no, find a student to get the job done or if the app is not very complicated, learn to do it yourself with mobile app builders (
If you need more advice, feel free to have a free call with me on

Before building something, did you test your idea ? Life's too short to build something nobody wants ;)
You can use clarity, to conduct some interviews, build a landing page with, unbounce or launchrock to validate that you solve a real problem. Then when your idea is validated, your can build a MVP (Minimum viable product) that might be for example a website (imho faster and easier to build than an app) to test your assumptions. Then if early adopters need functionnalities that really need to run as an app, you can provide them on pc, tablet or smartphone using your core web backoffice.
If you want to discuss with me, feel free to have a free call here or here

For me a good developer is someone that will deliver a mobile app that achieves your goals. That means :
- he can help you to define/refine your goals with mookups, iterative and agile developments, you should take a little time to understand what your role as "product owner" is (
- he will deliver the mobile app on the app store : he has already done that, he is aware of what is possible or not according to Apple's rules, ask him to show you working examples of available apps, did he deploy on all iOS versions or on iOS7 only, which model of iPhone/iPad does he have for his tests ....
- he can give you some advices if you need to deliver your app on another mobile platform (Android at least, WindowsPhone) because Apple does not catch all the market, if you really need a native app or if you can deal with a web app.
You can also book a pair programmer to review his code during the iterations, check the QA (quality assurance) and test the app as a user, have a look at
Don't hesitate to have a call with an expert on Clarity if you need help.

i can add to Naeems's good proposals : Timbuktu ( and GoToMyPC (
Configure carefully these softwares in order to have a strong security : no default or autologin access, very good password, encryption if data is sensitive.

Please clarify ;) the situation :
- do you have a contract with developers ?
- do you own the app ? or does it belong to the developers until you pay them ?
- why are the developers asking payment ?
- do you have a running app ? which needs does it covers ?
- did you set a company ?
- who are your investors ? why they don't help you ? what do they expect ?
- do you have schools using your app (even for free) ?
- can we see the app features ?
- how many competitors do you have ? what is your unfair advantage ?
- why did you spend one year on this without a real customer ?
- why are you looking for a company rather than paying customers ?
- who are your customers ?
- what are the 3 main problems you solve for your customers ?
- do you know schools that uses classroom management apps ? which apps ? how much does it cost them annually ?
- do you want to stop or continue this project ?
- have you ever heard of "Lean Startup" ?

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