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Grew 3 SaaS companies in the lead generation and sales space and led it from bootstrap to acquisition. Love helping out companies improve their b2b sales pipeline and process. My specialty is in b2b lead generation, sales, and business development.

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Without a doubt, Hong Kong. I've registered multiple business in Hong Kong and it's much easier and international friendly. There are also a lot of services out there that does it all for you.

Feel free to reach out if you need help or advice.

There are a lot of online courses out there in every single niche that you can think of.

Most of the most successful online courses either already have a strong following or a strong marketing strategy.

Start with some good content marketing for free and build an audience :)

I can't help you reach out to the investors directly, but I can give you some advice on the best approach, when to follow up, platforms for building investor list, tools for reaching out etc.

Feel free to schedule a call.

There are a lot of startups out there that's doing this right now. Even big companies are doing this. The travel industry is a competitive space.

Depending on your goals, there are a lot of different ways to approach it. I would do a good amount of content marketing because it requires a very low budget and can help you grow organic searches for your services in the long run.

Start with pushing out a lot of guides before even launching the product and start building your email list, so that you will have a bunch of loyal users once you launch.

First you have to define the niche you are targeting. Are you offering services to ecommerce? Auto dealership or?

You can do an initial outreach test by building a list of those targeted buyers using a solution like GrowthOK.com then I'll email those targeted buyers to see if they might be interested in your service. Make sure to follow up and sell well :)

Test test and test! The most successful Facebook campaigns are usually completed by small test and then doubling down on what works.

I would use a cold outreach approach for this. First I would define the target audience, in your case it's people in the HR department.

I would narrow it down to company size, demographics, and more to further define your target.

Then I would use a company like GrowthOK.com to help you find highly targeted and qualified HR leads.

Lastly, I'll set up cold emailing campaigns followed by cold calls.

For web/mobile agency, you should define a target of industry that you want to build apps for. Then I would purchase leads from a reliable service like http://www.growthok.com

Since your deal size is rather big, I would focus on sales and cold email outreach with personalized emails followed by calls.

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