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Lived with anxiety for 15 years, hit bottom, then began the journey to re-gain control of my life and have made it my mission to empower people struggling with stress and anxiety to gain the tools to share this new reality.

Founded Level Up Living ( Am a corporate trainer for two programs: Stress Management and Communicate With Confidence, which trains you to uncover what's holding you back from speaking with confidence in any situation and provide the tools for you to increase your leads, sales, and referrals.

Clients range from entrepreneurs to business professionals to corporate clients including: Abercrombie & Fitch, Investors Group Financial, Desjardins Financial, and Cactus Club.

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Excellent question, there's a couple factors that must be first addressed to give you the most effective answer:

-Are the 75 participants loyal, returning guests or are they generally new faces?

-Do you offer upsells at this event? This opens the potential to reduce ticket door revenue to increase profit from back room sales?

-Do the events revolve around themes? This would allow you to generate consistent attendance and have guests bring friends to also implement this bi-weekly theme.

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