Justin BaschCEO & Founder Basch Solutions, LLC

Having had many failures and successes, I've seen first hand what works and what doesn't - both from a business standpoint and a personal growth stand-point.

In the past 8 years, I've kept busy in the digital and marketing realms. I currently own and operate multiple digital agencies and tech service companies (located in NY, Miami, Boston), offering all avenues of online marketing, specializing in custom websites.

Currently, I am the the CEO and Founder of Basch Solutions, LLC (www.BaschSolutions.com), Co-Founder, Partner of EndLayer, LLC (EndLayer.com), VP at Farin Innovations, Inc. (www.FarinInnovations.com), among other business ventures.

With our companies ranging in clientele from local small businesses to global companies such as Bausch + Lomb to a plethora of Olympic Athletes and the best in the world like Carli Lloyd and Jordan Burroughs to celebrities, we've worked with brands of all shapes and sizes to not only grow other companies but to help launch companies and help build them from the ground up!

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Go custom - with a codeignitor framework. You don't want an open source platform. They are way too vulnerable for hacks and limited on functionality. (You don't want plugins where various developers' work can clash and cause a ton of bugs.)

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