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Fundraising coach helping nonprofit professionals create better relationships to raise the money they need.

I am the author of three books; The Wild Woman's Guide to Fundraising, The Wild Woman's Guide to Social Media, and Get the Job! Your Fundraising Career Empowerment Guide. These three books have sold well to my audience of 51,000 monthly readers, that I built from scratch since winter 2009. I can teach you about writing, email marketing, how to build an audience, and more.

I've co-founded a nonprofit and raised over $1M for nonprofits large and small. I've also taught over 15,000 people how to fundraise in workshops and webinars since 2010. People get results from my training and coaching. Success stories:

My clients and partners include:
- Association of Donor Relations Professionals (2016)
- Mid Valley Development Professionals (2016)
- United States Olympic Committee (2015)
- Bay Path University (2015-2016)
- National Fundraising Convention, Institute of Fundraising, UK (2015)
- Birds Caribbean, Jamaica (2015)
- Meals on Wheels National (2012-2015)
- Downs Syndrome Affiliates in Action (2013-2015)
- Bloomerang (2014-2015)
- Network for Good (2015)
- Greater Giving (2015)
- Idaho Nonprofit Center (2014)
- VolunteerMatch (2013-2014)
- Mississippi Center for Nonprofits (2014-2015)
- Association of Fundraising Professionals National (2014)
- 4Good (2014-2016)
- Fundraising Success Magazine Virtual Conference (2013-2014)
- Washington State SBDC (2014-2015)
- GuideStar (2013)
- Blackbaud (2013-2014)
- Gail Perry’s Fired Up Fundraising Virtual Conference (2014)
- The Storytelling Nonprofit Virtual Conference (2014-2016)
- Progressive Business Publications (2013-2015)
- National SBA Small Business Week (2013)
- Oregon Small Business Development Center Network state-wide online training seminars (2013-2014)
- The Scleroderma Foundation National Leadership Conference (2012-2013)
- IRS/SBA/SSA webinars (2013, 2015)
- Willamette Valley Development Officers (2013)
- University of Portland’s Master’s in Nonprofit Management program (2012)
and others.

Recent Answers

Over the last two years I've worked to hone my model of paid webinars and partnerships. In 2014, I had over 30 different webinar partners, individuals and institutions, associations and corporations.

Creating momentum around partnerships often counts on having the right partners in the first place. That means if you are hosting the webinar, you want partners who have:

1. A reputation in the subject area the webinar targets
2. A list they can promote the webinar to
3. A history of webinar presenting, and a few more things.

When it comes to creating partnerships with institutions and presenting for them, that's a whole different story.

I talk a lot more about this in my e-course on how to successfully market and sell webinars (there's a whole chapter on partnership creation, that includes a sample presenter contract, and more).

If you'd like to check that out, go to:

Was this helpful? I'd be happy to chat with you about this as well.


As someone who has made this transition, it's too long for this answer box. I did, however, make a website about it:

Briefly, in the long term, you've got to shift your mindset from a service model to a products model.

In the short term, you need to do more marketing, more blogging, more emailing, more partnerships. Work on getting a bigger list.

I've successfully moved from the clients/service model to the webinar/products model and if done properly, it's a much more reliable stream of income.



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