SnC Productions(TM)I sold my hair product invention on QVC 3 times!

First of all....I got my product seen on QVC!! I am not a millionaire, however, I made money on my idea! I invented a hair product, which I had patented. I also successfully licensed my product to 3 major hair companies. I finally sold my patent and product to a LA Company with a 20 year royalty contract. Before I invented this product, I had only visited 4 states in the USA. Because of my product, I have seen most of the country along with other countries!! I personally appeared on QVC 3 times and demonstrated my product. I was featured in Vogue Magazine, Sophisticate Hairstyle Guide, Youtube and many advertising brochures. If you want my advice on how I did it...please call me. I would be glad to give my advice on how to begin.

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