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Here to help, not to judge. Creators of SaaS solutions are generally not the ones leading commercializing of their technology, and I know this because I was relocated to Europe from Silicon Valley, to help create the sales org of a tech company and scale them into the U.S.

***Shameless but useful plug: I did this in just a little over a year. They had no marketing strategy. Check my profile if you want to discuss.***

Firstly, as you're evangelizing this to early users and prospective users, be sure to collect data on what it's taking for them to finally get on board. You've no idea how helpful this will be once you're ready to bring on board a marketing and sales professional; please don't underestimate this! I've saved clients a ton of money and heartache by making sure they were doing this right!

Keep a record of when they decided to say yes and why, what were their initial objections, etc., and try to create a new precedent of a partnership dynamic, rather than simply being their vendor. Ask them for their opinion, ask them what would make the solution better, etc. Allow them to effectively navigate your technology's roadmap. This will position you as a company that is adding value to their business, and not to mention, any product/service refinement as a result of this will likely increase your offerings' stickiness. Basically, YOU have the be the salespeople for now, but don't let this intimidate you. The better you are at this and catering to the existing market, at this stage, the faster you can lock in more deals and then easily identify and train the right salespeople for your team.

Different angle of advice here, but this is the less obvious and most critical piece if it's real growth you're after.

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