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Founder and managing partner at Expedition 8 Training & HR Consulting. Senior Advisor Executive Talent Management and Executive Coaching at leading international Energy and Oil enterprise in Middle East. Former Head of Global HR for publicly listed Mechanical Engineering company and regional Head of HR for Asia/Pacific and Europe for US based Hi-Tech company. Global Head of Learning for globally leading Retail Trader. Management Consultant with focus on people readiness in the context of business performance optimization. Translating strategy into processes, org design, talent management and performance management. Strategy is about execution. And Execution is about people.

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Based on my 15 years experience in building and reshaping service organizations (within companies as well as a standalone business), I would recommend to go with somebody who can help you to shape your business model. Two tools might be helpful and you could look who is experienced with it: Blue Ocean Strategy which is about to find the market (niches) which are not that competitive compared to the “red” ones - this is where commoditization does happen and you want to differentiate from this. The second is the business model canvas which helps you to systematically develop your new business model/strategy focused on your customers and how you add value for them. If you do so, demand for your service is a necessary consequence.
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