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Hello id like to start by thanking you for choosing me to contact. Ill get right to the point A co worker of mine an i had the idea to start a small t shirt company called lordswork. We are still growing as our brand is still fairly new to the market. As with most people you see a military guy starting a t shirt company an you think iv seen this before. But we set ourselves apart with not only our designs but our ability to provide product on time an effectively. that being said it has not been an easy time as our start up came out of our own pocket. we have had out fair share of hiccups an set backs along the way but now we are smooth sailing. With our calls id like to do my best an answer any to most of your questions an try to save you from some of our starting mistakes to provide you with the best possible outcome. looking forward to your calls. you can also follow us on instagram @_lordswork_ for more information.

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Are you real in yourself? If your wondering if your real in yourself take time to think about what truly makes you happy what truly makes you well you. Take the time to see if you are suppressing your true self with those that you surround yourself with. Sometimes we feel the need to do events with others to find joy in them but when we do things on our own an find joy with our selfs only then can we truly enjoy the company of others. Don’t let anxiety or fear or suppression Captain your life. Be you an Only you know the real you deep down.

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