Daniel NorkinEEA Member | Hyperledger and Corda Certified

Daniel has gained a wealth of Operations, Business Development, Marketing Strategy and Fortune 500 Managerial experience from a wide range of industries that include Retail, Non-Profit, Hospitality and Professional Services Consulting.

Based on his enthusiasm for customer service and customer facing engagements, Daniel facilitates Business Transformation strategy discussions for organizations of all sizes and industries. As a thought leader in the space, he is a frequent presenter at national / local Microsoft and Industry conferences.

Blockchain Projects Include:

Transportation Industry: Ocean Freight Logistics: Bill of Lading Transfer

Aircraft Manufacturing Industry: Parts Track and Trace

Automobile Manufacturing Industry: Invoice Reconciliation

Insurance Industry: Policy Creation and Settlement Claims

Quality Assurance Testing Industry: Proof of Certificate Authenticity *One of the World’s first B2C private Blockchain solutions in the Quality Assurance industry scheduled to be released Q2 2019.*

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I just signed up to this website and noticed no one answered your question. CryptoKitties is a great way to explain how "things" are becoming digital. Think of CryptoKitties like your digital baseball card...expect it's a cat card. These cards are digital tokens called an NFT (non-fungible token). All tokens can have different behaviors and attributes. For more information on tokens you can visit the Enterprise Ethereum Alliances Token Toxonomy Initiaive where they define these tokens. Would love to chat more if you have questions.

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