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Copy expert. Tech start-up, major chain retailers, oil & gas are just a sampling of companies I’ve created effective copy for in my 10 years as a writer.

- Social media and community-building since the days of blogs and tumblr and I have guided companies for a smooth transition with changing social media trends and platforms.

- Trend-obsessed. Color trends, product trends, content trends — you name it I follow it because I believe it is imperative for staying ahead of the curve.

- Data-driven marketing pro. Organizing and understanding your company’s data enables smart marketing. Let me create a sustainable system for you.

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If you are in a major city look for co-working space -- many offer pitch nights/events that are available for a fee or free if you are part of the co-working space. If you aren't in one, I highly recommend that if it's accessible to you because it allows you to get feedback from fellow founders and VCs that frequent the space, which is what you want as you move along in the process of building your MVP. Feel free to reach out if you want to know more about how to maximize that type of pitch opportunity. I think it is a great setting for getting a feel for how people listen to you and what they take away from your presentation.

This depends on where you are located but in many major cities (U.S., Europe and Asia) there are showrooms buyers shop. This means, for a fee, your products are guaranteed to be viewed by buyers (though there is no way to guarantee they will select to buy them). These buyers range from local shops to regional chains to department store and boutique buyers. If you are picked up by one or more and show data to these online specialty stores, that is more appealing than a cold turkey approach. Simultaneously building an online following is key as well since both retailers have e-commerce-savvy demos.

An undervalued tool in this case is understanding the niche of your product or service determines the best 'tool' to identify your audience. FB Audience Insights is useful if FB is your primary means of social. If you are utilizing Twitter (and you should be), use Even the free version gives you significant breakdown and understand that when you do any social blast plays a role in the level of impressions/engagement it receives.

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