Robert JulianoLucid Dreaming for business, for life.

Founder of COREISM (Art) by having the ability to lucid dream. What is Lucid Dreaming? Being consciously aware while dreaming. Sometimes even controlling what's happening in the dream.

I teach lucid dreaming, which is not as difficult as you might think. The benefits are amazing in helping people no longer suffer from nightmares or PTSD.

It is also extremely valuable for the creative person, and understanding your mind. It helps with making decisions and being more at peace inwardly.

The average person lives to the age of 75. If you were to add all the hours while dreaming over a 75-year timeframe, You are in dream state 9 years of your life. Shouldn't we be paying attention to them? Yes! They are there for reasons.

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A CEO is what YOU are. Inventor and sales. Delegate everything and assume your position. Be in the light of optimism backed by great data. Inspire, educate, motivate and delegate. NEVER compromise.... Go back to the drawing board until it's a win win for all involved. Your time as the CEO is spent on staying informed, politics and always thinking bigger.

I've trained CEO's, And I love most of them. You be the CEO!

Be militant and just start a routine. Keep records of productive times, and tweak as necessary. Find your consistancy. Then repeat...
Best book ever written on this topic is The E Myth by Gerber.

Are you making a profit? If so... good.
Are you duplicating it?
Are you enjoying it?

The thing everyone avoids is THE answer. PROSPECTING. :)
Reach out to 20 people a day, everyday. See The People... It's your job... Say to self - I will talk to 20 people a day about my product or service. It's only a numbers game.

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