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Not all businesses can grow rapidly. it is conscious choices of simplification of the problem, usage of technology and availability of a large market that aids growth.

If you are in a niche market, then your growth will hit a ceiling very fast. You don't want to be a monopoly in a small market, you want to be a monopoly/duopoly in a huge market.

I like to put down the different problems I have to solve to get to a solution the customer will like. And then classify them into Growth Inhibitors or Growth Accelerators.

If you need to put a lot of effort to increase capacity, it's tough to grow rapidly.

If you find a great solution to a problem and generate monstrous demand, can you scale supply really fast is the real question.

Think how long it will take you to launch and cover a new city, a country, expand globally.

Tech scales rapidly. Two sided platforms also scale well and have network effects to boot. Manufacturing businesses are slower, Consultancy is ultra slow.

So the answer to How fast you can grow, lies in how you define your business, what's the problem you are solving, for whom? What's your solution? How do you make money?

Unless someone knows all of these answers, it's tough to really help

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